I recently did an interview with Tory Class for twitter called a “Twitterview”. All the questions were submitted by fans via twitter. I really enjoyed all the questions! Here it is just in case you missed it

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Q : @lolkjl  
~ What is your favorite song to play?

JS: I have many favorite songs to play… Particularly songs from the classic American songbook like Stardust, Georgia, When You’re Smiling, I’ll Be Seeing You, etc.

Q: @Milaucd~  Jumaane I Love ur solo on “Georgia”! Who inspired you to become a musician and what instruments, besides trumpet, do u play?

JS: Thank you very much for your kind words! I’ve always been drawn to music from a very early age. When I was in elementary school a music teacher came to visit the school with several instruments for us to play, and immediately I was captivated by the tone of the French Horn. However, none of the teachers at my school were willing to teach me how to play the French Horn, so they stuck me with a trumpet and I grew to love it. In addition to playing the trumpet, I also play the piano, bass, and drums.

Q: @LEESE_sd  ~ How does it feel to bring audience close to tears during his solo for “Georgia”, SO GOOD, its very moving!

JS: Wow! That’s such a wonderful compliment! Thank you very much! I always aspire to connect deeply with an audience and emote through my instrument to the best of my abilities so that when you hear me you hear all of my life experience, my dreams, my passions, my joy, and my pain.

Q: @LHrocksM2 ~Jumaane what is your favorite part of a MB concert?

JS: I love looking out at the audience and seeing the excitement in everyone’s eyes and knowing that we have taken them away on a musical journey

Q: @LEESE_sd ~ 

Jumaane – What was it like to perform with Stevie Wonder on The Grammys?

JS: It was surreal! Stevie Wonder has always been one of my biggest influences, and getting the opportunity to perform with him and rehearse with him for an entire week prior to the performance was such a wonderful experience for me.

Q : @ro020275~ 

#jumaanesmith first u r wicked talented and the nicest guy, how do u like being a new dad and is it tough being on the road now?

JS: Thank you for your compliments, that’s very kind of you. Becoming a father has changed my life. I’ve never felt such responsibility and known such joy. Being on the road can be a challenge, but if it’s something you’re passionate about, over time you’ll find ways to make it work for your family.

Q : @Branypoo~ What’s the most rewarding experience you’ve had, and why was it rewarding to you

JS: That’s a very difficult question to answer because I’ve had many rewarding experiences in a variety of ways. I’ll have to get back to you on that.

Q:@QImTheMissy ~I am in awe of ur solo in Georgia; breathtaking. This may seem lame but what r u thinking, if at all, when u play?

JS: Thank you for your compliments. When I play I try to focus all my energy and thought into performing at a high level. Sometimes that means not thinking at all and letting my subconscious do all the work.

Q: @MinnDoxieMom ~As a feat. soloist – thinking way back , do you remember your very first solo? Tell us about the song/experience.

 JS: My first solo was when I was in sixth grade and my teacher gave me a written solo to play during a concert. I had been playing the trumpet for just 3 years at that point, and I was so nervous that I was shaking. Sometimes I still get nervous when I play a solo, but now it’s because I really want to do a great job every time.

Q : @BubleHoney07 ~ Do you still feel nervous when you play in front of Thousands of people? If so, Why?

 JS: Usually I don’t get nervous playing in front of thousands of people, but sometimes I do when I’m playing a solo.

Q: @LHrocksM2~ What is your favorite food?

 JS: MmmmmMexican food! Burritos…So good!





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